Office 365 Migrations Made Simple.

Office 365 Migrations Made Simple.

We all know as IT Admins that it can get a little complex when the boss turns to you and say’s, I want office 365 you know the online thingy that gives us office. We both know that he has no clue and you end up with what seems like the mammoth task. But here is our how to for a simple Micosoft Office 365 migration.
Start out with the setup wizard. YUP! You guessed it Microsoft are nice and give you a handy little setup tool that in 4 steps make your life a lot easier.
You’ll be greeted with this lovely screen (courtesy of our 365 portal)
Microsoft Office 365 Portal
It starts now with personalization of your setup. Make sure you enter what type of system you have now and how many users you have now. This will make it easier for you later.
Personlization of the office 365 setup
So after this there is the one the only Domain Selection enter what you would like as your domain name for example
Choose a domain to use with office 365

as noted above enter that domain in the box.
Add some users to office 365

Well we all know theres someone in the business that we don’t like, but hey lets add their emails anyway, keep adding users until you’ve finished the list. (theres also a bulk upload option for those organised people) The system will let you know hey heres the random passwords weve generated for your users.
Now we get to the domain migration. Most of the time your emails will be in imap but it automatically detect what you had selected in the first step.
Copy all yours users data to office 365
Enter all of the users emails and passwords (hello bulk password change on the old system) migrate them across each user (small) should take a few minutes each. But be warned if you have a user with 17000 emails it will take upwards 3 hours (I speak from experience).
Setup your dns right for office 365
now here is the last part but the most important lets get those DNS records setup click next.
Then we get the awesome selection of services we wish to use with the domain. (just it knows what DNS settings to give you)
select the services you wish to use with office 365
And last but not least it gives you the many many DNS records you need to add
Setup the DNS records for office 365
Most IT guys will see this and go Ahhhhh, errrrr, Arrghhh, I can’t do this that’s too many and I’m confused, oh dear what are these srv records. Relax take it slow and read there is help for you provided by Microsoft (worst comes to worst your hosting company or domain registrar can help). Microsoft Office 365 was designed to help not hinder an IT team. It has a lot of feature rich products embedded into it with half the hassles of setting them up on the local network.
Well there you have it success!!! After verifying those records you should have a wicked easy awesome 365 online system with exchange built in.

Don’t want the hassle of setting it up yourself. Contact us for a quote! We can help you with your Microsoft Office 365 setup or migration

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