Top 5 Tips for cPanel Beginners

Top 5 Tips for cPanel Beginners

Yep You guessed it,5  top tips for cPanel. i know i used to be a creature of habbit with my windows IIS (internet information services) server , we all know its a hard daunting time for everyone when you come to the hosting world and you find that your little IIS Server, doesnt quite cut the mustard and you’re given a full linux setup with Cpanel,  which will write a book for you, and make harry potter look like its written in crayon.
most people turn to a designer that is great and knows cpanel. but what happens if your a self designer, you have designed your website and its ready to go and you have no idea how your going to sling this one into the world wide web.  this is mainly why this exists. im going to give you my top 5 tips for cpanel , these things have saved my life more than once.

1. Always know your password.

there comes a time when you’ll encounter Your Session IP has Changed or Cpanels Cookie Has Expired. it will want you to re-login with yup you guessed it your password!
Remember, 3 wrong attempts and your locked out

2. Know your way around.

if you dont know your way around you wont be able to navigate cpanel and your site wont be functioning as well as you would like it to. before you upload your site take a few minutes to mess around with things,  take a look at everything because at that stage you can just go whoops hosting support i managed to mess my cpanel up, can you recreate my account please, typically they’ll go reset it or fix the issues.

3. Know your limits.

one thing i found quickly is that oops there seems to be a limit there. Hmmmm. why does cpanel tell me im close to using my allocated disk space???  Well you guessed it, Cpanel will tell you once you have reached limitations on your hosting account. if ignored you could be suspended, users may not be able to access anything on your site making it loose valuable SEO points.

4. Always keep a backup.

This ones web designer 101, Before you make changes …. dont get all stingey with space take a backup and save yourself some grief, press that ‘fullsite backup’button and get yourself a backup, as newtons law states, what can go wrong, will go wrong and typically its when you’ve just got it right.

5. Keep intouch with your tech team.

Now hopefully you’ve got a good host with a great tech team, these guys are your Savior, your heroes when something goes wrong they’re your first port of call, they know a cpanel server inside and out and can usually fix something broken within a few minutes, saving you the stress of having to fix it yourself..

With these 5 simple but easy tips on using cpanel you’ll be set to start exploring new things and getting your website all ready

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